Delivering the best innovative technology for the health and beauty industry.

We focus on product improvements that enhance user experiences for both clients and salons

About Us

About Us

Sterling Hair Solutions’ mission is to develop and deliver the best innovative technology, user experience and products for the health and beauty industry. by providing next generation technology and design.

Innovative Products

Drastically reduce the time it takes to dry hair extensions

Sterling Dryer

Leading the way in hair extension technology

Sterling Dryer is leading the way in hair extension technology by being the first of its kind to come to market. An innovative hair extension dryer that cuts drying time in half, while leaving hair soft and renewed. Its advanced technology and design will prove to be an asset for any cutting-edge hair care product manufacturer.


Dry Assist

The path to hair extension innovation!

Sterling Hair Solutions is creating a new path to hair extension innovation with its latest product Dry Assist. This revolutionary hair extension dryer focuses on drying the foundation of hair extension installs to prevent mold and hair damage while cutting drying times in half.

Our Team

Here at Sterling Hair Solutions we look to bring together the brightest and most experienced minds to create the most advance innovative technology solutions for the health and beauty markets. We are happy to introduce our team.
Jody Williams Sterling

Founder & CEO


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